How we make a difference

We believe that we can live a life where we buy and give away gift and products that make us happy, make us feel unique, entertain us, and yet are in balance with nature as they are sustainable.

Although at the beginning of our journey, in 2018 we focused on creative hobby kits, which are fun to use, they include pompoms, chenille wires and similar items, but we recognized how much plastic these kinds of products contain and how large footprint can they leave on the environment. This problem was important not just to us, but to every environment-conscious parents, who feel responsible for their kids’ future. We decided to redesign our product and be the first to create a creative hobby kit made of eco-friendly materials with cork and recycled papers.

We listened to our hearts and conscious minds and reinvested our profits and more, everything we had to be able to locally produce creative hobby kits and design home decoration products that are made from environment-friendly materials but in high quality. As a family business, it was all a big challenge. It was not so easy to find the right raw materials, machines and packaging either. In spite of that, we started this transformation in late 2019 and were able to complete this green switch by the fall of 2020. We are proud of it, and we focused on expanding our product range and making all available worldwide during spread what we believe. 

Flow cork coasters nature motive

By 2021, we have become a stockist in Germany, England, Ireland, France, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Austria, the Netherlands and the United States. 

The expansion and increased sales required the involvement of a professional cork factory, so part of the production was outsourced to Portugal and part to China. For transport, we prefer to use trains, which minimise air pollution from carbon dioxide emissions from transport. Thanks to our 2 new partners, the range of cork coasters was expanded by the end of 2021. In 2022, we have further expanded our range of products with organic cotton textiles, continuing our commitment to the environment.

We started 2023 with a big change, bringing our German business back home to Hungary. At the same time, we started B2B sales to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We are excited about the launch of our new products and that they will soon be available all over the world. 

Eco-friendly icons recycling, selective green energy

Sustainability, that is why we use cork in the first place. Cork tree collects air carbon dioxide in its bark for 200 years, during which time the bark can be harvested and grown 16 times. We also use recycled paper to reduce the amount of waste and protect forests.

In addition, we use plastic-free packaging with cellophane bags that are not covered with plastic, so they are biodegradable. As well as plant-based bio-plastic bags for shipping and packaging materials made from recycled paper. All our other paper raw materials are made of at least FSC-certified paper or even have other environmentally friendly certifications such as the EU Eco-label and the German Blue Angel certification.

We use green energy for all our devices for the manufacturing process and in our daily work. This green electricity comes 100% from environmentally friendly energy sources such as hydropower and is therefore free of finite energy sources such as coal, gas or nuclear energy. Similarly, climate-damaging greenhouse gases are not released when electricity is generated.1

When we can, we recycle waste from work processes and manufacturing processes. Otherwise, we collect waste selectively so that it can be reused.

Nicely designed quality products and toys can be made from eco-friendly materials, yet making our home cozy and cheerful and making kids happy who develop their skills in fun.

With the funny and cheerful design coasters, you can enrich your home with cozy and cheerful moments, without the drink stains and damage on your furniture. You can relax and enjoy nature-inspired design, making your home even more stylish.

Adventure craft kit eco-friendly creative hobby

Kids can spend hours making their masterpiece from our craft kits. They learn how to create something, achieve their goal by following instructions, with focused work and having fun, also expressing their own individuality. In the meantime their fine motor movement, solution-based thinking, social and creative skills develop during the creative work, where they design, create and play.

This is what we give with our products. Environmentally conscious everyday life, relaxation, joy, cheerfulness, creativity, skill development and play. Learn more about magic cork, read our article or try our products, buy with our discounted monthly promotion.

Magic Cork – Shaping our imagined environmentally conscious future in the present.